All Features

Custom questions
Enable and disable automatic reminders for tasks
Enable and disable features
Custom fees for different participant types
(participant, organizer, invited, sponsor and membership)

Custom deadlines
Multi-events dashboard
Custom email templates
Designing & printing
(certificates, badge and invitation letter)

Ticket with badge included for printing
Payments integration with PayPal and Stripe
Invoicing - required in European transactions
Use different fiscal entities for different events
Proforma Invoice

Membership validation for non-profits / associations
Insert, edit and remove members
Upload fee proof affiliated / student proof
Online participant certificate
Certificate printing - individual or mass printing
View, edit & add bookings & payments

Invitation letter by email
Auto reminders & notifications

Attendee fee scheduling
Mailing for participants, editors & reviewers

Custom abstract submission
Smart abstract evaluation process
Reviewer assignment and management
Mass approval
Mass email status
Enable and disable features
Custom topics for each language

Custom submission types
Custom submission dates for publication types
Custom reminders for abstract submission deadlines
Plain abstract with references and acknowledgements
Online abstract certificates
Book of abstracts

Export attendee information
Export attendee questions
Export payment list
Export abstracts (list and files)

Export booking & social activities
Export scientific program
Interactions history log
Mass download (certificates, badges, abstracts & annexes)

Workshops, social activities, booking & more

Hotel and accommodation booking

Scientific program (timeline & schedule)
Filter per day, rooms, sessions & communications

Data exportation for printing
Links for webninars and video sessions

Customize general page settings
Order menu/submenu by drag and drop
Intuitive content pages

Select editing language
Preview contents before publishing
Retrieve editing history
Responsive, structured and synchronized page

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