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Discover SCI-MEET

The software for scientific event management that helps you communicate your Science.
Fees starting at 1 € per participant.

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Discover Sci-Meet



Do you want to organize a congress, symposium or an event? With Sci-Meet it's simple! The software handles all the logistics so you can focus on promoting your science



A shared environment for all: participants, organizers, reviewers, editors, sponsors and plenarists.



Communication submission with professional and simplified review mode.



One environment for everything: registration, payments, invoicing, communications, social program, scientific program, etc!



Sci-Meet interacts with the participants sending automatics reminders.



With Sci-Meet there is no need for document printing. Your certificates, badges and invoices are always available online, helping you protect the environment and saving you many hours of admin work and printing expenses

Why Sci-Meet?

All in one

Registration, abstracts, reviews, payments, proforma, invoicing, certificates, badges, invitation letters, booking, mailing, reminders and more, all in the same software.

Simple Price

Sci-Meet offers a linear and fair pricing without no hidden fees. You can use it for FREE (for the first 50 registrations), pay as you go and go as you need. It’s SCI-mple!

Certified Invoicing

Sci-Meet's invoicing software is certified, so you can rest assured that your events meet your financial responsibilities.

Member Affiliations

With Sci-Meet you can create differentiated fees for affiliates or others, with the possibility of importing data lists from third-party software.

Easy Dashboard

Sci-Meet has a very simple and user friendly dashboard that allows you to create and edit your events. It's easy to configurate and allows you to activate more features as needed with no trouble.

Serial Approvals

With Sci-Meet, you can choose a peer review system, and conclude this reviews with a mass approval of abstracts. Saving your precious time.


We are scientists too and we care about the future of our planet, so on of our concerns is to dematerialize as many processes as possible, saving you lots of time and expenses int the process. For example, the fact participants have available on their personal dashboards all their certificates, invoices and proforma invoices or that you can send all your invitation letter via email, avoiding unnecessary printing.

Multi-Events & Multi-Roles

With Sci-Meet you can organize several events simultaneously. In fact, it is the most efficient multi-events platform on the market. With our features you can switch between fluid and simplified event listings. On the other hand, the same user can have several perditions or be in several congresses. We want to help you grow increasingly participate scientific communities, taking science further.

Trusted by

Carla Pacheco

All Features

Custom questions
Enable and disable automatic reminders for tasks
Enable and disable features
Custom fees for different participant types
(participant, organizer, invited, sponsor and membership)

Custom deadlines
Multi-events dashboard
Custom email templates
Designing & printing
(certificates, badge and invitation letter)

Badge printing with QR code
Ticket with badge included for printing
Payments integration with PayPal and Stripe
Invoicing - required in European transactions

Membership validation for non-profits / associations
Upload fee proof affiliated / student proof
Certificate printing - individual or mass printing
View, edit & add bookings & payments

Invitation letter by email
Auto reminders & notifications

Registration fee scheduling
Mailing for participants, editors & reviewers

Custom abstract submission
Smart abstract evaluation process
Reviewer assignment and management
Mass approval
Mass email status
Enable and disable features
Custom topics for each language

Custom submission types
Custom submission dates for publication types
Custom reminders for abstract submission deadlines
Plain abstract with references and acknowledgements
Online abstract certificates
Book of abstracts

Export registration information
Export registration questions
Export payment list
Export abstracts (list and files)

Export booking & social activities
Export scientific program
Interactions history log
Mass download (certificates, badges, abstracts & annexes)

Workshops, social activities, booking & more

Hotel and accommodation booking

Scientific program (timeline & schedule)
Filter per day, rooms, sessions & communications

Data exportation for printing



Starting at

1 €

per registration

We have different pricing methods
per registration

monthly plans
based on progressive utilization

Customizations & Extra

If you need custom features we can study the implementation.
If you don't have Stripe/Paypal account we can receive payments for you with a fixed fee of 3,5% for each transaction.


Unlimited events
Unlimited registrations
Unlimited abstracts
Support by email
Pro-active support - autonomous report
Event management dashboard
Registration management dashboard
Abstract management dashboard
Booking management dashboard
Activities management dashboard
Scientific management dashboard
Emails, reminder tools
Document templates tools
Payment tools
Third party payment integrations (Paypal & Stripe)
Certified invoicing

What can you save?

Based on our long experience, this management software allows you to increase the productivity rate of your congress by 100%. You can do more with fewer resources.
An example. In a congress with 3000 participants and 2500 communications you can save 40 weeks or 1400 work hours, between the organizing committee, the editors, the reviewers and admins. Besides saving time, you save on the integration with third party software (invoicing, e-mail and book of abstracts), simplify the participants experience and reduce paper dependency.

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